Coleen Esguerra

  • Germanic Confederation
  • Unification of Germany
  • Realpolitik-"Politics of reality"
  • Ignored parliament
  • Schleswig and Holstein
  • Nationalism
  • Bill of Indemnity-Legalizing the taxes he had collected illegaly since 1862
  • William I
  • Napoleon III
  • Bismarckian System
  • Reinsurance Treat with Russia- to remain friendly terms with Russia to prevent French-Russian alliance
  • Congress of Berlin
  • Consequences of a war between Russia and Austria over the Blakans
  • Established a principle for Germany to never fight a two-front war
  • Triple Alliance with Austri-Hungary and [[Bismarck#|Italy]]
  • Danish war
  • Auto-Prussia war
  • Franco-Prussia war

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